Joshua Daugherty

A Spring 2018 graduate with strong
interests in Mechanical Engineering
and Manufacturing

Lochinvar-Senior Design Project

Project with Lochinvar to design a more effective heat exchanger

Fire boiler tubes are tubes that hold extremely hot post-combustion gasses and allow transfer heat energy to pass into a different closed system, usually water. In layman’s terms, they allow very hot gas to heat water, without contaminating the water. These tubes can come with a wide heat rating range, as well as in a wide range of efficiencies.

The goal of this project is to model and produce boiler tubes with different and unintuitive tube geometries, and then compare heat transfer effectivity and head loss with current tube models.

After several iterations of modeling and testing, the data consistantly showed that the core of the air column would stay warmer then the rest of the air. It was determined that this warm column would cause a drop in the net effectiveness of the transfer tube.

To assist in pushing warm air to the transfer surface, a core insert was added to the model. The benefit of a core insert, is that it would be able to decrease downstream temperature in a more uniform manner, while adding the smallest amount of headloss possible.

The first prototype should be produced in the next few weeks, which will allow us to start running live simulations and will give us concrete feedback on the results.

Edema Testing Project

Currently the only products to test edema are very expensive and they are difficult to use. For this reason, many nurses when testing for edema use simpler methods that are less accurate or less repeatable. A common test is to create a dimple in the affected area and then measure the depth or the refill time of the dimple.

Our goal value proposition for this product is to combine the reliable and repeatable results of the more expensive products while offering the speed and simplicity needed to be utilized in a nurse’s hectic environment.

Our current prototype is powered by a standard spring. This offers consistent pressure when creating a dimple, which takes the human inaccuracy out of the testing. It also has an analog readout for more detailed results. Also due to the size and simplicity it will have a manufacturing cost similar to that of a pen, which if need be can make it disposable.

Our process for product integration involves getting our product approved by teacher at TTU as a requirement for nursing classes, as a training device. This will offer confidence to beginning nurses as they learn to test for edema on their own. As we build notoriety and familiarity, we can increase supply to nearby clinics and eventually to home use for self-diagnostics.


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